Children’s Dentistry Pecos Family Dental Las Vegas, NV

Children’s Dentistry

At Pecos Family Dental in Las Vegas Texas, our staff is dedicated to also practicing children’s dentistry. We believe that foundation of strong teeth and oral hygiene can be guaranteed if properly managed from the early childhood. Our team of dentists are qualified in children’s dentistry for this purpose. Good oral health is necessary for child’s overall healthy growth.

At West lovers Dental in Las Vegas Texas, we not only treat the children but also make their parents aware of the importance of their children’s oral health. Our dentists advise the parents to visit us at least once after the child’s first tooth. The children should be taken for regular oral checkups so that they develop a good relationship with their dentists and start to feel themselves at home with the checkups and treatments. In this way, this practice will stick with the child for lifetime.

We provide an extremely warm and pleasant atmosphere for the children at Pecos Family Dental, so that they may not feel frightened or nervous during the checkup or treatment. Most of the time, the treatments are carried on in the presence of parents in the consultation room so that the child may feel secure.

Regular checkup may involve a thorough dental exam, cleaning, topical fluoride application, and x-rays. X-rays are mostly avoided unless there is no option left. A complete history of the child’s checkups, treatments and assessments are kept with the dentist and the parents are conveyed the information regularly and future treatments are also discussed, if any are being foreseen by the dentist.

Pecos Family Dental Dental Procedure On Child


★★★★★ Dr. Faranesh was able to get our daughter in for some work just before leaving town. Pain-free and a great customer service experience all around. Highly recommended!
Jeff Anderson


★★★★★ I came here for an Exam. Dr. Faranesh is very informative and thorough. The office was clean and the staff was great. I will be going back.
Khalid Sadeddin


★★★★★ I was offered an emergency appointment without hesitation. Dr. Faranesh listened to my concerns, did a thorough check-up, and provided a detailed diagnosis with gentle care.
Dan Murphey


★★★★★ Dr. Faranesh is honest and trustworthy. He is also dedicated to a job done right and a happy patient.
Vanessa Mayberry


★★★★★ I have been to many Dentists in my life, but I never will go to any other Dentist than Dr. Faranesh. I don't care if I live in Canada, I will fly or drive to have this Doctor be my dentist.
Cory Gropp


★★★★★ I came to Pecos Family Dental to have a consultation appointment with Dr Rana Faranesh, to improve my smile before my big day. Dr Countryman is a well known respected dentist, so I knew I was in good hands.
Sheri Forati